Sustainability is one of our corporate values.
Our management model considers the environmental, social and economic pillars of our strategy (Triple Bottom Line). Ensuring the perpetuity of our business in a responsible manner.

Our actions and plans are based on principles and tools such as:

Global Reporting Initiative-GRI
Ethos Institute (strategic sustainability management framework )
United Nations Global Pact
ISO 14001

Environmental Responsibility

Eletric Energy
In Brazil, 83% of the electric energy comes from renewable sources.

Thermic Energy

Our state of the art modern boyler, uses eucalyptus wood chips as fuel.
Eucalyptus is a non native species, and it is cultivated in reforestation projects within a 100 mile radius from our plant.

All of the reforestation projects are approved and monitored by IBAMA ( Brazilian Environmental Agency) and are compliant with the Brazilian Floresting Code and all current environmental legislation.

Energy Efficiency

Throught thr process, we look for opportunities to improve our energy efficiency, for example:

Capture heat from the Dieying plant efluent to a hot water reservoir, through heat exchange equipament, causing a reduction of time and steam needed to complete the dyeing process.

Capture heat from the chimney of the boyler to dry the Dieying sludge, through a sludge dryer equipament, reducing the quantity of this material to be sent to a certified industrial landfill by 89%.

Atmospheric Emissions Controls

High efficiency boylers such as the one we have reduce the amount of atmospheric emissions by increasing the yield of calories generated during the burning process.

We conduct periodic testing at your chimney and are consistently far below what the environmental agency establishes as the legal limit.


100% of the efluent is treated and returned to the environment within the legal parameters established by the Brazilian Environmental Agency (equivalent to the US EPA)

Our water treatment plant incorporates uses byological, physical and chemical elements.

We conduct daily internal controls and monthly external controls with independent laboratories.

Waste Management

Specialized personnel handles 100% of our production waste and scrap to assure proper destination.

100% compliant with the Solid Waste National Policy.

By state law, Dyeing Sludge and Boyler ashes along with a few other materials, are required to be sent to a certified industrial landfill, acompanied by the document MTR (issued by the State Environmental Agency) for tracking purposes.

All other waste and scrap materials are destined to recycling or passed on to small businesses which in turn make a living out of it.


We are an ABVTEX certified business

The ABVTEX (Brazilian Association of Textile Retail) is an entity that brings together the main retail networks in Brazil, such as C&A, Calvin Klein, Carrefour, Tommy Hilfiger and Dafiti ( Global Fashion Group).

To be certified by ABVTEX a company must meet over 150 cetification requirements.

It is acreddited by the Social Accontability Accreditation Services (SAAS) since 2018.

The IWO (International Work Organization) is an official partner of ABVTEX.

Products that endure

Higher standards of internal controls reflect on high quality and durable products - around 10% of our emplyees are allocated in the areas of quality, engineering and laboratories.

Higher quality and durability means less environmental impact - Slow Fashion

At the shop floor, we have our KPS (Kyly Production System) adapted from WCM (World Class Manufacturing) as well as a team of specialists on Lean Manufacturing.