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Who we are

Launched in 1985, the Kyly Group now produces 31 million garments a year and is the largest producer of children’s clothing in Brazil.
The Group now offer six brands, each with its own identity, and the sizes offered range from NB up to 20 years. There are three collections per year, developed by an exclusive team of designers, stylists and fashion professionals
Touch, vivid colours and durability are combined to give the quality of all the brands. The styling is designed to give maximum comfort and freedom of movement for children and teenagers.

Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Valuing People are core values of the Kyly Group, which seeks to work always out of the respect and in the best interests of the well being of its employees. The Group is amongst the 150 best companies to work for in Brazil, an accolade won for its Human Resource programmes, set up for the benefit of all its employees.

The company is vertical and manages in-house the complete production process from the yarn through to the final distribution. All manufacturing steps are carried out internally with strict Quality Control at every stage, and with sampling and testing in its own laboratories.

Sustainability is a core value of the Group and is a theme running through every aspect of the company’s activities. The perpetuity of the company is valued in a highly responsible way and there is always consideration for future generations.

With advanced technology, caring for the environment, and an abundance of creativity and care for its people, the Kyly Group delivers quality products with an excellent cost-benefit ratio and it is innovating every day.